A Journey Through Touch

Today, I read an honest and touching article by Anugyan, one of the assistants in my Rebalancing training in India thirty years ago. It was so lovely to read of his journey, to find the places where his moments of recognition and realization aligned with my own. Such as the witnessing of one’s practice shifting and deepening in response to what is felt rather than thought.

This passage struck me: “…More and more I came to understand that touch connects us to ourselves and others, it gives us the chance to experience safety in our bodies. Feeling connected reduces fear, anxiety. Touch is the exploration of getting a deeper understanding of our bodies. It validates us as embodied human beings – this is something tremendously valuable to share…”

One of the beauties of this work is that through deep listening and paying attention, it reveals so much of self to the practitioner. Another aspect that I never tire of experiencing is witnessing the expansion of the body through touch. Life–its efforts, striving, disappointments, hurrying, and sitting, standing, waiting–compresses the body, its joints and muscles. Through deep slow touch length and space are restored. The body literally gets longer, taller.

And for many who come to my table, their Rebalancing sessions provide the only human touch they receive. For them, it’s much more than therapeutic body maintenance. In this article, Anugyan speaks of experiencing safety through the touch. I love that notion. I believe this is the validation they receive along with the reassurance that they matter.


Here is the link to his heart-full article:

My journey through Touch

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