An Excellent Therapist

Deepam was an excellent therapist to work with. She knew exactly where to go and how much pressure to use, I left feeling incredible! I found her to be competent and grounded and she set me at ease right away. I will be repeating the visit and highly recommend her to anyone needing a massage.

K. Eglin

Best Massage In Canada

The pressure was perfect and she knew exactly where to go. I felt she was attentive and in tune with what my body needed. She was exceptionally responsive and I felt very secure in the session. I will be returning for treatment for sure 🙂

K. Mangata

Client For Life

Deepam is, hands down, the best massage therapist I’ve ever had. I began seeing her about three weeks after having a major reconstructive surgery, and have had three sessions so far. She is extremely trauma-recovery sensitive and skilled, prepares thoroughly for each session, and remains energetically present and attuned throughout the sessions. She is calm, experienced, caring, detail oriented, intuitive and verbal/auditory communicative, finding exactly the areas of muscular/emotional/stress holding in my body, and knowing which ‘trigger point’ areas to focus on to release them – and these are often the areas where clinical RMT’s are not schooled (or willing/able?) to attend to. Deep shoulder joint, psoas, QL, periformus, deep hip flexors, IT bands, deep calf muscle/Achilles heel releases, to name a few. Her prices are extremely reasonable – huge value for the time and money invested.

J. Steele

Much Gratitude

I have had the immense pleasure to be in the care of Deepam time and time again. She has an intuitive touch and presence that has the capacity to shift not only the deepest of muscle pains and tensions, but she also helps shift what I hold behind my tension. Her innate connection to the human body and spirit have reminded me that I can engage life at capacity.

J. Christine

Great Session!

I gotta say – one of the brightest spots of this beautiful spring was getting a rebalancing session with Deepam . It was thorough, it was deep, it was energizing…I felt totally different – and better! – after the session. She’s been offering this for a long time, and she’s good at it, I’d say.

Ian B.

I came to Deepam very wounded. I had spent several years in counselling and taking many courses in several different modalities. As a man I had learned to suppress many of my wounds in far away places in my body. Through her gifted technique Deepam brought me one step at a time in a gentle and loving way to feel and release my wounds and heal in a most profound way. Today I fully enjoy and embrace living in a wholesome way fully grounded. I enjoy being present in my body and what a treat that is. Thank you Deepam — you’re a beautiful gift to the world!
J. Kelly

Deepam’s deep touch reaches the place that connects mind, body, and spirit. She delivers a profound healing.
Sandra Fecht M.A.

A massage session with Deepam is such a caring and calm, personal experience, I always look forward to the next.
Gail B.

I have been receiving massage treatments for many years but somehow found my way to Deepam two years ago. I endure a great deal of stress in my life and she is by far the best that I have experienced. Beyond her incredible skills, she also provides a very kind and giving environment in which to receive treatments. I credit her for my good health.
Krista H-S

I have had the privilege of receiving massage therapy from many practitioners around the world and in my experience there is no one more skilled than Deepam. Once you have had a session with Deepam you will realize that there is a big difference between a massage and the healing rebalancing treatments that she provides. Treat yourself!
Galen F.

When Deepam was finished with my right leg, but had not yet started on my left, I was astounded at the difference I could feel between the two! My right leg felt 2 inches longer, and like it was humming with electricity–it felt so alive!
Susan R.

I feel a very good relief today, physically and emotionally, I’m blown away.
Your work is amazing, I’m really impressed and grateful. Blessings.
Manu C.

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